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Imagine Freelancer as a top-down RPG. In Landinar: Into the Void you start as a rookie bounty hunter in the oppressive Landinar Empire. Explore the universe to meet diverse characters, fight your battles and build your own space ship to fit your personal playing style.


Meet diverse characters throughout the quadrant by docking your ship and exploring stations on foot. Choose who to aid under the oppressive Landinar regime. As a starting bounty hunter, you can also visit the stations’ bounty boards to accept randomly generated bounty missions for credits and rewards.


Gather hull templates and ship parts to build your own space ship. What strategy will you choose? Do you prefer speed or gunpower? Build your ship to match your personal playing style at the stations’ ship builders and fly off into space in your own custom ship.


Traverse through the Landinar sectors and pick your battles. Choose from 10+ weapon types to find your personal strategy and take down your enemies in real time top-down space combat. Hop out of your cockpit mid-combat to repair broken down rooms with your repair gun, reload your weapons or change your engine boost settings.


Discover the Landinar quadrant, warp from sector to sector and explore stations, hidden areas and secrets at your own pace. You decide where to go next, whether it is continuing the main story or making your own adventure.


In Landinar: Into the Void you create your own adventure. You decide what to do, who to talk to, who to fight and how big (or small) your space ship is going to be.



Landinar: Into the Void is available on Steam Early Access right now. For more information, visit our Steam store page. 

The Landinar: Into the Void Propulsion Update will be launched on November 20th.


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